Relational Database-Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database

While completing test it suddenly turned off the terminal and platform. Then when I opened it again it is giving errors and not completing tests. Please provide a solution to fix this issue or please fix this problem.


If you have not tried some of the following: Running the Relational Database Curriculum in your Browser Please do so.

You may end up knowing that what you have to do is either restart your VM/container and worst case delete it and start over (i know this is not what you want) as options are limited.

In case you have to do a “hard reset” i suggest saving your progress (queries, commands and any other thing that is executed either in the psql/bash terminal) in a separate file so you can “recover” faster from this if it happens again.

This happened to me several times so it’s better to make some backups of whatever you need to continue from where you left when this happens.

Hope this helps.

I’m ready to delete and start over. I’m also ready to do that first topic again. Just tell me the steps to do so. “restart your VM/container and worst case delete it and start over” - how to do this??

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