Relational Databases: Periodic Table Database Issue

I’ve encountered a minor issue when trying to complete this project.

As explained in the instructions, “if you leave your virtual machine, your database may not be saved.”

The problem is that creating an sql dump and using it to rebuild the database doesn’t work quite the same as it does in previous courses/projects, because the database has already been created for you at the start of the project.

Once the database structure and content has been modified to pass all of the required tests, creating an sql dump of the final database is trivial.

However, each time I load up the project, invariably the database has reverted back to its initial state. The DROP DATABASE command in the sql file can’t erase the existing structure and content, because of the ownership of the database. So there are multiple errors when trying to rebuild and it’s impossible to restore the database correctly this way.

Of course, there’s a simple fix, which is first to DROP TABLE on the existing database tables and then run the sql file, but this isn’t ideal, and might not be immediately obvious to some others working on this project.

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