Relatively simple question: Basic Node and Express

Feel like I am missing something obvious here…

The challenge is: Serve JSON on a specific route
Challenge passes, so no problem with that, but I cannot see the desired output (it only shows “not found”). In the challenge description it says…
" Then point your browser to your-app-url/json , you should see the message on the screen."

How exactly do I do that when doing the projects with

Hello there,

I am not too sure where the confusion is. The way this is done on is not really specific to

Something which confuses many users is:

  • The app URL is the one which is submitted to the freeCodeCamp tests
  • The project Code URL is the one human people use to see/write the code in the editor.

So, take the URL you submitted, and append the following to the homepage address in the URL address bar:

For this forum topic thread, it would be:

Hope this helps

Thanks for the answer, solved the issue. I guess I was unfamiliar with the term “point your browser to…” . That’s where the confusion came from:D

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