Remove custom domain in github pages

I used to have a github pages that is linked to my own domain.

Right now I rebuilt that web blog using gatsby instead of jekyll.

And I made a mistake by deleting the git repo all together before I unlink the domain to the github page.

So right now even I set up my domain with new git repo using netlify, every time I open the domain it still shows me this:


There isn’t a GitHub Pages site here.

If you’re trying to publish one, read the full documentation to learn how to set up GitHub Pages for your repository, organization, or user account.

GitHub Status@githubstatus

Is there a way to fix this??

Thanks in advance.

It is possible that your new repo sits on a different ip than your old one, or when you removed the repo, it cleared the headers and needs to be re-added. Start by checking for directory pointers on your new repo. If they are there see what the A records should be. Then do a dig on the existing domain to see where it is pointing. If they dont match, then that is your issue and you need to update your DNS.

Its up now. Maybe just had to wait on propagation. If you aren’t seeing the site, try a hard refresh (ctrl + F5), otherwise, it may have not propagated to your locale yet.

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ah. it is up right now. thanks for the help.