Remove Elements from an Array Using slice Instead of splice challenge

why (0,3) when i am supposed to return only 3 cities??
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function nonMutatingSplice(cities) {
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return cities.slice(0, 3);

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const inputCities = ["Chicago", "Delhi", "Islamabad", "London", "Berlin"];
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Challenge: Remove Elements from an Array Using slice Instead of splice

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Hi @columbuschidozie1 !

Take a close look at the docs for the slice method.

Carefully read through the explanation for the optional end parameter from the docs.

Zero-based index before which to end extraction. slice extracts up to but not including end . For example, slice(1,4) extracts the second element through the fourth element (elements indexed 1, 2, and 3).

So in your case here

the slice method will start and index 0 and include 1 and 2 but not 3.

Also, this console.log is just returning the original array

But remember that slice creates a new array.
If you want to see your results in the console, place the console.log inside your function.

console.log(cities.slice(0, 3))

Hi jessica. i am really having a hard time to understand reduce. can you put me through on the challenge.after watching mosh reduce tutorial, i still could not solve the challenge.

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