Remove Paypal Button

I wonder if anyone is able to help.

I need to remove the paypal button on this page.

Don’t want to disable the function across the site, just hidden from this page.

If I delete that segment using the developers console, it disappears and looks great. Just not sure how to hide it.

Appreciate your help.

Hi! :)))
You can try “display: none” and/or “visibility: hidden”
Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Dhen,

Thanks for the reply.

How would the code look in css for the removal?

Apologies new to all this.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I guess you can create class “invisible” or something) And then add it to link.

In your styles, you write

.invisible { display: none; }

Did it help?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work, appreciate the time though.

How is that button being generated out of interest? What environment is this in? Looks like a cart or checkout page which sometimes have limitations depending on the underlying software.
Hopefully this may just be a case of not being explicit enough with your CSS selector, try being as specific as you can when selecting it in the stylesheet (it’s a bit of a pain but I often find that being as specific as possible is the best way to go when debugging and then removing selectors so it’s not unreadable). So try include many parent elements of it while checking for other CSS selectors that may be interfering.

Many thanks for the reply.

It fetches the payment gateways therefore I’m finding it hard to remove it without removing it across the entire site. I just need it hidden if possible.

do_action( ‘list_after_tax_price’, $wpj_purchase_this_total_price[‘total_orig’], ‘purchase_this’ ); ?>

			<!-- Payment Methods -->
			<div class="twelve wide column payment-gateways">
			<?php $gateway_active = wpj_purchase_this_show_payment_methods();

				if ( ! $gateway_active ) { ?>
					<div class="ui payment-method-error label">
						<p><?php _e( 'Payment methods are not available at this time. Please contact the administrator of this site for help.', 

Need it to look like this.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks again

So you’re using a Wordpress site, presumably Woocommerce, I would suggest looking at the Stack Overflow or relevant forums for helping out with this. I think this sort of issue is beyond the scope of Free Code Camp.
The only thing I would suggest is following that function wpj_purchase_this_show_payment_methods down and going down that rabbit hole. Best of luck

Hi, thanks for the reply.

This one doesn’t use woocommerce, probably would be easier if it did right.

I was thinking potentially a part of code that rather fetching both payment systems as above, but just fetching the one I need but I’m stuck.

Is there a form of css that will enable me to hide just the PayPal button that page?

Thanks again