Removing characters on facebook share

Hiiiii. I’m trying to update my quote generator and have it where it also shares the quote to Facebook, should one choose to do so. Everything works well, except that in the quote on the share page, it looks like this:

It seems to be adding the utf-8 codes for the spaces, but I don’t understand why or how to prevent it or stop it from doing so. This is my code:

$(document).ready(function() {
  let randomNum;
  let quotes = [
    "Wubba lubba dub dub!", "We've got a lot of friends and family to exterminate", "Beth: 'Dad, why does our house have blast shields?' Rick: 'Trust me, Beth, you don't want to know how many answers that question has.'", "I thought the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior, Jerry. If I were you, I wouldn't pull that thread.", "Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty. A lot of people don't realize that.", "Not so fast, Morty. You heard your mom. We've got adventures to go on, Morty - just you and me - and sometimes your sister and sometimes your mom, but never your dad. You want to know why, Morty? Because he crossed me.", "Can somebody just let me out of here? If I die in a cage, I lose a bet.", "Uncertainty is inherently unsustainable. Eventually, everything either is or isn't.", "Don't break an arm jerking off, Morty.", "Get Schwifty!", "Little tip, Morty. Never clean DNA vials with your spit.", "Principal Vagina: 'Hello, this is Principal Vagina. No relation.'", "Weddings are basically funerals with cake.", "You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you, and your anal cavity is still taut yet malleable.", "I'm Pickle Riiiiick!", "Morty: 'I mean, why would a Pop-Tart want to live inside a toaster, Rick? I mean, that would be like the scariest place for them to live. You know what I mean?' Rick: 'You're missing the point, Morty. Why would he drive a smaller toaster with wheels? I mean, does your car look like a smaller version of your house? No.'", "Jerry: 'I wish that shotgun was my penis.' Beth: 'If it was, you could call me Ernest Hemingway.'", "I'm sorry, but your opinion means very little to me.", "School is not a place for smart people.", "I'm not the nicest guy in the universe because I'm the smartest. And being nice is something stupid people do to hedge their bets.", "Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty. Lotta people don't get that.", "You are a piece of shit and I can prove it mathematically.", "I'm not looking for judgement. Just a yes or no.", "Get your shit together. Get it all together, and put it in a backpack, all your shit, so it's together. And if you gotta take it somewhere, you know, take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in the museum. I don't care what you do. You just gotta get it together. Get your shit together."
  randomize = () => randomNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * (quotes.length));
  generateQuote = () => $('#words').html(quotes[randomNum]);

  $('#getQuote').click(function() {

  $('#tweet').click(function() {
    $('.twitter-share-button').attr('href', '' + encodeURIComponent(quotes[randomNum]));

  $('#fb').click(function() {
      method: 'feed',
      link: '',
      quote: encodeURIComponent(quotes[randomNum]),
    }, function(response){});


I don’t think it’s necessary to encodeURIComponent the quote.

You’re the flippin’ bees knees. I forgot I had that surrounding it, and I probably would have stared at my code for days without realizing. It works now. You’re awesome. :slight_smile:

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