Removing second vertical scroll bar?

Hi all

I made some edits to my html file, reducing the footer size, as well as changing the text in it. I also edited some css.

The problem is, there is a second scroll bar added that scrolls the body of the site. I have no idea how to get rid of it!

Here is the live site:

Here is the text for the HTML file:

And here is the CSS file I edited:

Thanks in advance!

Couldn’t find it in your code, but if you inspect the page and click the body tag you will see this style:

html, body{
  overflow-x: hidden;
  width: 100%;

If you know where this comes from, you can just delete the overflox-x and it should work. Else you need to overwrite it with overflow-x: visisible

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Thank you! It was on this file:

Just made the edit, lets see :wink:

It works, thank you!

Any idea how to get rid of the blank line under the footer?

The blank line is caused by the p inside the footer. It has a padding-bottom: 20px and margin: 0 0 10px, which creates a blank line of 30px.

EDIT that still leaves some space. But if you use the Inspector (Chrome/Firefox whatever) you should be able to find it.

EDIT 2: Increasing the footer height removes the rest.

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Thank you very much!