Replacing setTimout with Promise in javascript

I am trying to connect to server and wait for the server to response then do some actions. Here is what I am trying to do :-

function connect(someArg){
 // somecode...
 // then it calls a function from client side and that function checks the 
 //server response messages let's call it and create a sample of that function 

function checkServerMessages() {
 // some code to show and check on server response messages

function f1(){
 // some code...
return response

// I am not explicitly returning anything 
// what I am trying to do is here, if I use setTimeout it works but I need to 
// change the setTimeout function to a nested promise 

//.then(function() { // I tried this but it didn't work 
 setTimout(function() {
  // some code... some values will change after the connect function is 
  // implemented then I use those values here and change some button captions 
  // and some simple actions which are not really related to connect function 
  // except the token and session id and some other variables

 .catch(function(error) {

Thanks in advance and please let me know if my question is not clear.

Does f1() explicitly return a Promise? Not all responses are Promises by default.

Thanks for asking and f1() is a normal function, where I am returning response

function f1() {
 response = $.ajax({
                    type: "GET",
                       headers: {
                        'X-Requested-with': 'XMLHttpRequest'
                     url: "http://domain/api/ifno/site",
                     data: null,
                     datatype: 'json',
    return response;

If I recall correctly, jQuery’s $.ajax doesn’t return a promise, so you can’t chain the response with .then()

Instead, you write a callback function for the success condition of the response.

If you use the new native fetch() API, that is ‘thenable’ (it returns a promise and can be chained), but it doesn’t work in older browsers and needs polyfills if you need to support them.

yes I am using JQuery’s $.ajax and everything is fine I guess. I am getting the response back. My problem is not there. It’s when I call connec() function then it will talk to server and get a response back from server. everything is fine till here … after I call the connect(), I need to wait for the response I will be getting from server and that’s where I need to right a promise/callback because, some variables will change if I wait for server response and then I need to continue based on server response but, because my promise doesn’t work so I used a bad way to handle this waiting which is (setTimeout) and that’s not a solution. So, I need to figure that promise thing out or callbacks but, I am not really familiar with callbacks.

This might help you get started: Javascript Callback Functions

Thank you Jackson that’s very nice of you

$.ajax is also thenable, but to be safe, wrap it in Promise.resolve():

  url: ''
.then(function(data) {
  // do something with data
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Oh, cool - I didn’t know that. It’s been a long time since I touched jQuery :slight_smile: