Replit "Live App URL" trick for the Back End cert

For anyone else who may have trouble with this…

I’m starting the Back End cert, and I’m using Replit. I had trouble submitting the right URL to fCC. If I just copied and pasted the Replit URL from my browser into fCC, it said that I needed to use a “Live App URL” instead. The phrase occurs nowhere in Replit’s docs. There’s a post in Replit’s forum from a year ago discussing this issue, but their fix doesn’t work anymore.

In order to get that “Live App URL,” here’s what I did:

  1. I opened the Devtools of Replit’s webview
  2. I switched to the Console
  3. I ran the command console.log(window.location.href);
    See picture:

Don’t mind the console.log("hello");, that was me fooling around lol. The important bit is the part. That’s the “Live App URL,” and fCC did accept that link.

Hope that helps someone else. :slight_smile:

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do you see the New tab button in the left corner,if you press the button it will open the new window ,thet is your live url…

That also works, and it’s way simpler. Thanks lol. :upside_down_face: