Replit Python Discord bot not working

I’ve been working on a new bot for me and my friends following the freecodecamp tutorial using replit and python. I followed along more or less to the tee however I couldn’t seem to get it to work. I’m still new to coding so i would appreciate some advice.
(the sage stuff is just a joke I have with my friends)

Please post a link to the Replit and expand on the issue. Simply saying something doesn’t work isn’t very helpful. What doesn’t work, how is it not working, are there any error messages, please give some information.

Sorry my bad, here is the link to the replit
My problem is that when I run the code, it loads a second and nothing ahppens. Afterwards the run option apears again. I know that it should give a message saying it signed into the bot.

Start with a clean Python template on Replit.

Put the the code inside

Add the package using the Add Package tab. Use the secret tab for the environment variable instead of the .env file.

See if that works.

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