Request for Feedback on my first Portfolio!

Hello the FreeCodeCamper ! :slight_smile:

I would like to show you my first portfolio (and my 3rd web page)

I spent approximatively 20 hours and my code must be very messy but I’m pretty happy about the project.

And I need please some feedback and advice for following!

For the skills part, just click on the language pics.

this is the link : (oh and it’s in French so if you need translation, tell me )

Your portfolio page is quite good. But I feel like the design aesthetics could be improved. And it would be better if “CONTACT” is also included in the navigation bar.
And also the ‘m’ of your message should be capital.

Hello @ayesha,

Thank you for the feedback,
I’ll try to improve it and I’ll add contact too !

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Hey @Desval for a first attempt it’s great. I’m sure as you progress, your taste for aesthetics will improve after you go through Bootstrap and jQuery adding proper page layouts and effects.

Cheers on the attempt

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hi @anandpotukchi,

Thanks for the feedback, off course, with more time and knowledge, it’ll be better !

thanks ! :slight_smile: