Request for Feedback on My Tribute Page Project

Hi all,

I’ve not cultivated my design talents many years so I’ve been working off these lessons to try and get this to not look like the stuff of nightmares. I’m not saying this is professional (because it’s clearly not), but I’m freaking pleased, because whenever I have tried building web pages from scratch in the past it looked like it belonged in the 90’s (good times). So here it is, a milestone in my development - a page that you can look at without your eyes burning. I’ve met the requirements for the project, but I would love some feedback from those of you with sharper eye for design. FYI I pulled the images on the page from Google - I didn’t do any of them myself.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Cool topic! I would,

make sure your third image is displaying.
make images align with each other with same height.
Give your html and body padding:0 and margin:0. It will remove white space at the edges of your page.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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