Request for JSON content from URL


I am new to Javascript

I am working on an assignment where I’m suppose to request for JSON content.


let OrgURL =’’;


function sendJSON(){


// Creating a XHR object

let xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

// open a connection“POST”, OrgURL, true);

// Set the request header i.e. which type of content you are sending

xhr.setRequestHeader(“Content-Type”, “application/json”);

// Create a state change callback

xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {

if (status === 0 || (200 <= status && status < 400))


// Print received data from server

result.innerHTML = this.responseText;


    } else {

// Oh no! There has been an error with the request!






I am expecting to get some kind of JSON object but nothing is showing.

How do I request for JSON content?

Thanks in advance!

Please note there is a url but due to forum rules, i cannot show it.

This is rather outdated way of sending such request, consider using browser’s Fetch API:

Also if you want to request something from the server, GET would be more appropriate method to do so

Thanks for the info!

I will look up on Fetch()!

sendJson() will nothing showing because the ajax call is works asyncronously.
Change your function to assyncron function and will work well.