Reset the primary key of my star table in postgresql

I made a db named universe and a couple of tables.
Weirdly enough my primary key of my star table and my galaxy table, both start at 2 instead of 1.

First of all, I would like to know why this is happening? (I’m using the freecodecamp system to make the “celestial bodies…” database.

Question 2: I tried resetting the sequence of star_id by using
=> ALTER SEQUENCE star_star_id_seq RESTART WITH 1;
The system says it has restarted the sequence but the primary key column still starts with 2. This means I’m resetting some other sequence.
How can I reset the primary key to start with 1 instead of 2.
I tried above code with 0, but as I thought, that gave me an error.

I’m really new to databases so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.