Resolve & reject nonsense

I’m at the point where I have to start working w/ API’s and something called resolve and reject in my JS Udemy course. Here is what I got when I tried to make my own from the files.

So if you’d be so kind, can someone please let me know what this is all about?

Well first, when I commented out the rest of the code, and focused on my promise. I have the same code as the instructor and he isn’t getting an error.

Also, I don’t even know what my error means in regards to my code lol. I don’t have anything that is error worthy. Maybe in my html?

From what I can see, the error points to your index.html, specifically the “.css” file you’ve linked.

The file type should be “text/css”, not “text/html”. To make sure, do you have the actual app.css file in your project folder/directory?

For the console inspector in my Firefox console to read out something that’s either resolved or rejected. I guess I’m missing a console log for that lol

**Edit update: ** So I took off the parentheses and it was “resolved” and/or fulfilled lol. It thought I was calling a function that I hadn’t declared. We’re good.

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