Resolve & reject nonsense

I’m at the point where I have to start working w/ API’s and something called resolve and reject in my JS Udemy course. Here is what I got when I tried to make my own from the files.

So if you’d be so kind, can someone please let me know what this is all about?

What exactly were you hoping to accomplish with the code you wrote?

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Well first, when I commented out the rest of the code, and focused on my promise. I have the same code as the instructor and he isn’t getting an error.

Also, I don’t even know what my error means in regards to my code lol. I don’t have anything that is error worthy. Maybe in my html?

From what I can see, the error points to your index.html, specifically the “.css” file you’ve linked.

The file type should be “text/css”, not “text/html”. To make sure, do you have the actual app.css file in your project folder/directory?

But what were you expecting the code to do?

For the console inspector in my Firefox console to read out something that’s either resolved or rejected. I guess I’m missing a console log for that lol

**Edit update: ** So I took off the parentheses and it was “resolved” and/or fulfilled lol. It thought I was calling a function that I hadn’t declared. We’re good.