Resources for Color Matching

I have a logo I pulled offline with this off white grey background for my landing page project.

I cant for the life of me figure our what it is. Is there any resource you’re aware of where I can upload the color and it will give me the exact hexadecimal color code to match it?

Something like the paint match system they have at most big hardware stores but for CSS!

Here is the picture!

Thanks in advance!

i googled “color picker online” and used the first website 👍 Color Picker online | HEX Color Picker | HTML Color Picker

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You can install an extension like ColorZilla which will give you an eyedropper.

I get the hex code #F6F6F6 for the image background, not sure why that is different than the other posted code.

Edit: Photoshop give the same hex code as well and I tested it on Codepen so I’d say #F6F6F6 is the correct color.

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