Responisve web design projects

I just finished all the tutorials and now I am on the project section.
i just want to ask that do we need to create to the exact site which has been asked (background color and fonts etc )or whether the tags mentioned should only be included?

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

The project you build needs to pass all of the User Story tests. That’s the only requirement. :slight_smile: You are free (and encouraged) to make the styling and content entirely yours - this is your project after all!

I would encourage you to take the time to make sure your page is responsive and accessible, too. You are more than welcome to ask for feedback here on the forums once you have some code written :slight_smile:

should the solution link be from codepen or can i give github link also?

Ideally, the solution link should be to a live page, not a code repository.
If you wanted to, you could create the GitHub repository and deploy it to a GitHub page and use that link to submit :slight_smile: