Responsive content

Hey there, it might be little silly but im stuck with responsive,i’ve tried lot things to get my responsive work, but im not getting anything, i searched, looked in the read-ask, but im not getting, can someone help me or gimme a hint? thanks

my project:


you can use media queries! but i think were on the same level as of this moment to create a tribute page right? if so, only use bootstrap

I’m using bootstrap, but i didnt get the responsive works, for this i put the link of my project to get help in what im doing wrong.:pensive:

To make the image responsive, add class=“img-fluid” to the img element since you are using Bootstrap 4.

use img-fluid in your alan turing image!

yeah i got it, although now my photo isnt align to the center, i search about img-fluid only have left and right float, how can i center it now? Thanks for helping me guys :slight_smile:

it is automatically centered when you use img-fluid

Just add the text-center class to the parent div with class=“col-xs-12”. Also, since you are using Bootstrap 4, you should be using “col-12” instead of “col-xs-12”.