Responsive Text next to image in the same row

Currently I’m trying to achieve this:

Where I want it to be responsive. But can’t quiet achieve this. Currently this is my code:

Is there any possible way I can have it like the image above, or can you guide me to the right documentation?

Of course there is a way you can make this look like the image, there are several options here. My suggestion would be to think of the image and the content as separate elements. Wrap all the content in a div so that you then have two child elements to work with (the image and the wrapper div). You should be able to use flexbox to display them side by side as you want.

Hey will it be possible to show an example with code, since I’m pretty new to this

You basically are already doing what I suggested. You have flex display on the parent div (.container4) and you have two children in that div. Just add the content you want to the .tex-col child div.

If there is something in particular you don’t understand then please be very specific about your question.

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