Responsive Web Design Course Trouble: learn css by building a set of colored markers

I think this is a bug, because the code I have written seems to be right to me. My apology if its not a bug, please help I cannot proceed with the course.

Hi there and welcome to the forum!

It’s better if you can post your code rather than screenshots.
If you’re stuck on a specific step and you’ve entered incorrect code three times, a help icon will appear. Clicking on this will create a forum post which automatically includes your full code, a direct link to the step and an opportunity for you to describe the issue you’re having.

In this case, it looks like you’re trying to nest the body element inside the head, which is incorrect.

In an HTML document, the head contains all of the metadata about the document, including links to CSS files and general configuration. The body element contains all of the page content (i.e. that which is visible to the user).

The body element should sit below the head element, not inside it.

oh yes sorry my mistake, thanks for your help