Responsive Web Design Project - Build a Survey Form

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I don’t understand the last part that said “Or you can use this CDN link to run the test in any environment you like”

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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It means you can add script tag with a src attribute set to This will link your app to the tests.

<script src=""> </script>```

@salakoNBA, you have a couple of ways of doing the projects.

  1. You can build your project in codepen by clicking on the link provided to fork the codepen pen. When doing this, the test script is already set in the HTML section of codepen.
  2. If you decide to create the project somewhere else (an IDE on your box,, codesandbox, etc) the you’ll want to copy that CDN link and put it right before the closing body tag. This way you’ll be able to run the tests to ensure that the FCC user stories are met.

The test script should be included, with all tests passing, when you submit your projects.