Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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why my media query is not workingg
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/* file: index.html */
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
  <meta content= "width=device-width, initial-scale=1" name= "viewport" />

   @media all and (width:700px){ 
body {

<header position: fixed;
width: 100>
<nav id="navbar" style="position: fixed; top: 0">
  <li><a id="profile-link" href="#welcome-section" target="_blank" aniamtion="rotating"></a> </li>
<section id="welcome-section">
  <h1>welcome </h1>
 <section id="projects">
   <a href=""></a>
   <p class="project-tile"> hehe</p>

/* file: styles.css */
@media all and (width:20px){ 
.project-tile {
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Challenge: Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Why some of your HTML tags are inside the style tag?

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i was trying the media query inside the style element but even if i delete that the media query is not working any idea ?

Did you move meta and link tag outside of the style tag?

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nope bro it’s like this

Well, style tag is for CSS stuff, for selectors.
Place your link and meta tag inside the head element, as it should be, and try it.

For style you have CSS file.

From your question, I did not understand tho: you can’t pass the tests or you passed them and don’t like how your page looks?

yesss thanks bro it worked my bad

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