Responsive Web Design - Survey Form - Feedback

I have just finished building a survey form. It would mean a lot if you guys could take a look and give me some feedback to further improve! :smiley:

Thank you!
The link to my survey form is below

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You didn’t use label for all the way through the form. You should!

The questions for radio buttons and checkboxes are not labels. They’re at least <p>.

Example: the label for a radio button is “yes”

In real life the select box “choose an option” should not be disabled because you’ll get a false answer if they skip it. Notice that the first choice is automatically selected.

The input type number should be long enough to accommodate the placeholder text but not as long as you have made it.

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Clicking the dropdown arrow on the top right of the html area and choosing the analyze option will help point out some errors you may not have seen.


Aside from that I love the background slowly changing colors as you scroll down. It looks good overall!

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Thank you for your feedback!! :smiley:

Thank you!! :smiley: