Responsive Webdesign - Product landing page

Hi All!
please help me everyone, i dnot figure out long times ago where the error is…

[15/16 Tests Passed on Product Landing Page]

I’ve finished all the tests for the product landing page except for #15.


Welcome, gkipeter.

None of your .nav-link elements have an href attribute:

<li class="nav-link"><a href="#howorks" >Story</a></li>

In this case, your li element is the .nav-link element, and the test is expecting to find a .nav-link element with an href attribute.

Now, li elements should not have href attributes…

Also, I suggest you add this to prevent the page from getting wider with the moving “Sales” element:

#features {
    overflow: hidden;

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot Sky, it´s working :slight_smile: