Responsiveness on all the screens

I thought my projects looked pretty good, I had viewed them on a variety of sizes through my computer and thought I was ready to move on…but then I looked at them on my phone and they needed more work. After accomplishing this I then noticed that they looked dreadful on landscape mode on my phone and now I’m just wondering how they must look on other devices…
in short is there a way to view a website on a variety of devices to test what my work looks like?

Yes there is, it’s one of the Developer Tools included in EVERY browser. You can open them by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + I and depending on what browser you are using, It can be in either left side or right side.

It is called the Device Toolbar. You have access to be able to resize everything.

Note: make sure to always reload after changing some of the settings to make sure it changes it’s orientation

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Niiice, exactly what I was looking for thank you :smiley:

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