Restrict Possible Usernames | This Answer Passes All But One Test

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My code passes the test in the console, but not on the FCC test window. It’s frustrating because “RegexGuru” returns “RegexGuru” yet I’m being told it’s not. Can someone tell me what I’m missing.?

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let username = "RegexGuru";
let userCheck = /^[A-Z][A-Z]\w*/gi; // Change this line
let result = username.match(userCheck);

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Here’s what I am seeing.

You are only supposed to change the line with the comment of “Change this line”. For some reason, you also changed the third line from:

let result = userCheck.test(username);

to this:

let result = userCheck.match(username);

Try to changing match back to test and create an applicable regular expression to solve this challenge.

Hint: Do you need the “g” flag?

Thank you! This worked.