Resume feed back so I can start applying for jobs

Hi guys,
I would love your feedback on my resume.
What can be improved and done so that I stand a chance in this competitive market.

I think a strong portfolio will help you stand out more than a cv. Do you have one?

General thoughts on the cv are it’s pretty generic

There aren’t any project or GitHub links so all we can read are generic statements like “self-driven”, which don’t give us any real insight


Hello @hkukka420
First thing: congrats for putting together the cv, I know the first CVs are always tricky to put together.

I am happy to see It is only one page as I discourage longer CVs for a junior role application.

I would probably move up the Education on top of it, my experience is that recruiters expect working experiences and educations to be on the top of the page.

Probably I would join certifications with education in this specific case :slight_smile:

Hope it is helpful and good luck

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Thank you very much for your input. I had put the live demo links with the GitHub link as well for the code I might have missed it.
And yes I am planning to make a portfolio website with next.js and learning along the way. I got the summary from chat gpt so yes I think it is very general I will improve on that point.

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Hi @lucatardi

Thank you very much for the advice. But I have some follow up questions.

  1. As my education is incomplete should I really put it at the top ?(the present idea got from website)

  2. my work experience is in delivery and online education for high school students during covid and it is not very fancy as I only taught kids in my locality. As it is not relevant I did not put it. But should I put it even though it does not have relevance and at the top?

  3. I am planning to apply for internship at startups to gain some work experience to add to my resume and further learn.
    Any advice on that ?

Hey @hkukka420
I actually think your working experience is relevant indeed: teaching improves really important skills for any software developers.

If the education is not completed I would then list first the certifications as part of your education.

My only advice for you at this stage would be to don’t give up. Sometimes It is really hard to apply and don’t get even responses as unfortunately happens a lot but remember that everybody started in that way and the opportunity will come to you soon or later.


Hey @lucatardi

Thank you very much for the advise and the words of encouragement. i will move forward keeping your points in mind.

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Thanks this awesome information

Of course! I’d be happy to help you with your resume. Please provide the details of your resume, including your contact information, education background, work experience, skills, and any other relevant information. Additionally, let me know the type of jobs you are interested in applying for, so I can tailor the feedback to better suit your goals.

Hi @lucatardi
refactored the resume according to your suggestions but now its a 2 page resume :sweat_smile:


Hi @VincentLindley I am sorry for the late reply :bowing_man: but all the information you need regarding me is in the above pictures apart from my personal info,
and the jobs i am trying to apply for as follows:

  1. internships: web development or data analysis
  2. entry level jobs: web development or data analysis

i have started pursuing IBM Data Science Professional Certificate but i have only begin it and its a 5 month curriculum.

any feedback much appreciated Thank you in advance

Iʼd put the skills up top, and the summary statement needs to be tailored for each position you apply to

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