Resume Feedback and proof reading please

Morning/evening campers,

I have just finished editing my HTML resume format on code pen and wanted your thoughts about the format, layout, contents, grammar etc.

Here is link :

More detail on my current role:
Currently working and .Net developer and mainly focusing on Windows form development but keen and excited to get something related to Front end and more likely Web development.

I am open to all the feedback and would like to see in my linked in connection over here

Have a happy day/night :slight_smile:


Hey good job, Nice resume!

If I were you,

I would just get rid of the Hello line.
I also feel like your text’s line-height is pretty high. Try condensing them a little bit to fit them together.

Good luck!

Hey @shimphillip Thank you for your response. I have made the changes and looking great.
Happy coding :slight_smile: