Return a value from a function

The first exercise is correct: doing the same to the 2° and 3° , the result is wrong… can anyone tell me why?

function timesFive(num) {
return num + 20;
const answer = timesFive(5);

function timesFive(num){
return num + 8;
const answer = timesFive(2);

function timesFive(num) {
return num + 0;
const answer = 0;
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Challenge: Return a Value from a Function with Return

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The function is called timesFive, so I’m not sure why you are adding.

You should only define the function once.

'cause the test is:

  1. timesFive should be a function
  2. timesFive (5) should return 25
  3. timesFive (2) should return 10
  4. timesFive (0) should return 0

You need to return the num multiplied by 5. You also need to only declare the function once.

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