Returning a value other than promise from async function

Hi Campers,

I am writing an edge case for a patch. I don’t really want to do a lot of changes because this fix is temporary. I have a function, let us call it outer function. Inside outer function, I need to make an API request which is an async operation. I then use the retrieved data to change another data passed as parameter to outer and then return it as illustrated in the code below.

async function outer(data){
    const clone = [];
    const anotherData =  await axios.get(url);
    // Mutate clone
    return clone;

Since outer is async and it returns a promise, I have to treat it as such wherever it is invoked to be able to access returned value. This will force me to make too many changes in different files which is not worth it for a small patch.

Is there a way I can return clone as it is without being wrapped in a promise from outer ?
Is there a way I can do what I have just described above without necessarily making outer async?