Reverse a String- Getting right output but FCC showing its wrong

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Getting the following response:-


should return a string.


should become




should become



reverseString("Greetings from Earth")

should return

"htraE morf sgniteerG"

. // tests completed // console output htraE morf sgniteerG

Since my output is accurate, why am i still getting arror messages?

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function reverseString(str) {
"use strict";
const x = [...str];
var y = [];
for ( var i=(str.length-1); i>=0; i--)


return reverseString = y.join('');
console.log(reverseString("Greetings from Earth"));

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variable reverseString is not defined , just return the value you try to assign to it.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of variable naming.

Your problems are caused entirely by this line. There are two issues here:

  • First, reverseString is already the name of your function. You’re now trying to assign a string value to that variable, which is throwing off the tests. You’ll need to rename this variable.
  • Second, when you rename the variable you’ll run into an error that says your variable is not defined. You’ll have to declare that variable, but you need to do it in a separate line before the return statement (you cannot return a variable declaration).
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Thank you!!! Small things make a big difference. :slight_smile:

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