Reverse a String Help Please

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I’ve been through the exercise and have tested it in my console and the output seems almost right. I get the reverse of the string, although the console does also show an ‘undefined’ below the reversed string ‘final’. I’m not sure why this is.

On the FCC console, it says ‘newArray is not defined’. Where is my error?

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function reverseString(str) {
  newArray = []
  arr = str.split("");
  for (var i = arr.length; i > -1 ;i--) {
  final = newArray.join('');
  return final


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this link might help u out

in javascript you need to define your variables using var, let or const

it is because the returned value from console.log() is undefined.
in the console it will show the returned value from the last thing you wrote, so you can just write a function call as last thing of the code.