Reverse a String: toString() not working

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Hello World! As the title says, I have an array and converted it with toString() however when I check the console.log using typeof, I get an object, meaning it’s still an array. Could someone point out what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

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function reverseString(str) {
  let strArray = ((str.split("")).reverse());
  console.log (strArray.toString());
  console.log (typeof strArray);


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well, toString() doesn’t change the thing it ws used on, but creates a new string
so if you do let str = strArray.toString() it will work. Anyway, you may want to not use that, as you will find yourself with a string of value e,l,l,o,h. Maybe check out the join() method instead

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Thanks for your quick reply! I originally used join() but since the answer wasnt accepted I thought it still wasnt converted to a string. I see where I’m wrong now, thanks for your help!

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