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Hey folks,

I reached the technical skill level to do this about a week ago, but got burnt out by over-analyzing the Bootstrap 4 docs trying to make this ‘spiffy’. So I gave it a break and took a dive into JS.

Today I returned to this project in my workflow. So I took a look at the stories, and did an efficient sprint – creating this website by hand using BS3 in about 15 minutes. No cheating and only one doc reference (blockquotes / footer / cite).

Does this satisfy everything? Any criticism, advice?

Hi samsavage,

  • This code is not correct:
 <p>"Elon musk is the coolest person I can think of"</p>
  <footer><cite>Sam (me)</cite></footer>

MDN documentation:
<cite>: The Citation element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

The HTML element represents a reference to a creative work. It must include the
title of a work or a URL reference
, which may be in an abbreviated form according to the
conventions used for the addition of citation metadata.

Usage notes

  • The W3C spec states that a reference to a creative work may include the author’s name,
    while WHATWG has declared that it may not include a person’s name under any circumstances.
  • Use the cite attribute on a <blockquote> or <q> element to reference an online resource for a

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for the helpful feedback!!

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