Review DOM Manipulation by Building a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game - Step 3

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I’ve tried wrapping return with " and '. Neither work. I don’t know what I’m missing!

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<!-- file: index.html -->

/* file: styles.css */

/* file: script.js */
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function getRoundResults(userOption) {
  const computerResult = getRandomComputerResult();
    if (userOption === computerResult) {
      return 'It's a tie! Both chose ${userOption}';
  }   else if (hasPlayerWonTheRound(userOption, computerResult)) { 
      return 'Player wins! ${userOption} beats ${computerResult}';
 }    else {
      return 'Computer wins! ${computerResult} beats ${userOption}';

console.log("Player Score: ", playerScore, "Computer Score: ", computerScore);

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Review DOM Manipulation by Building a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game - Step 3

Still having trouble figuring Step 3 out: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

SyntaxError: unknown: Missing semicolon. (21:17)

19 |
20 | if (userOption === computerResult) {

21 | return 'It’s a tie! Both chose ${userOption}
| ^
22 | }
23 | else if (hasPlayerWonTheRound(userOption, computerResult)) {
24 | playerScore++

nvm I figured it out

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(hasPlayerWonTheRound(userOption, computerResult))
Can someone to explain to me what does this mean ? Because this i still can’t figure it out!

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