Review my new website, please?

Hi there,

I’ve just rebuilt my website and I would like to have some feedback. I’m not a designer but came up with the designs and colours. Any constructive feedback, ideas, bugs found or comments are welcome! Feel free to be honest (don’t need to play nice) and don’t take it easy on me: I’d rather hear harsh and valuable comments than leave something not good on my website because you didn’t want to hurt my feelings :slight_smile:

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Hi @gepetobio,
Your portfolio website looks very good! :thumbsup: Also your design, color and typography looks fine is fine I would say, I love the interaction on the background in the intro and the tree offcourse. The only thing I would adjust in the Testimonial section is that all pictures are on the same height with the other when you click on the right arrow or left arrow.
Keep up the good work, very nice!

Hi @JorneM ,

Thanks for your feedback! I understand what you mean about the pictures being on the same height, I haven’t done that so far because of the different length of the testimonials. I’ll give it a try though :wink:

Thank you!