Review my Portfolio

I redesigned my Portfolio recently. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism.

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bad link brother. It sends me too

very nice on laptop … nice interesting design … unfortunately dosent respond well at all to resizing window or for mobile sizes.

working on resizing window. but what’s wrong in mobile ?

Quite nice-looking visually, but I’m not really feeling your layout. Doesn’t quite feel “balanced” to me. I’m not really a fan of animated effects personally, but that’s just me. And you definitely want to watch your loading time in general, as having a fast-loading Web site is very important (seemed to me it took a bit too long to load).

There are a number of grammatical errors in your “Things I do” paragraph, I’d recommend running that text either through a word processor or a good editor. And watch your capitalization throughout that paragraph, as there are a lot of words capitalized there that either shouldn’t be or don’t need to be capitalized.

Also, “I started learning Web Development almost 8 months back fromFreeCodeCamp” is totally relative—“8 months back” from when? That “8 months back” relation is just going to keep changing all the time unless you provide an absolute reference instead, like the month and year you started.

User Story: I can access all of the portfolio webpage’s content just by scrolling.

Although I can scroll using the mouse wheel and up and down keys on the keyboard, it would be much better if the page had a good old scroll bar on the side.

This is literally amazing. personally the design is my taste. but two of your portfolios show 404 not found error.pretty impressive page though.

Here is a screen shot taken from dev tools on how it looks in a Iphone 6+ for that section of the page

I hate the default scroll bar. I will work on making a custom one which will match the theme of my web page

I have looked into that, that only happens if you load the page in bigger screen size and then resize it. If you reload that page that wont happen. This is because I barely used any framework. This is mostly all me.I juts used container class from skeleton framework coz I was getting lazy at the end but yeah If you load directly this in a phone this will look just fine.

@astv99 Thanks Dude. I dont give much attention to content but I realise that play a major role in presentation. fixed some of my grammatical mistakes.

Cool, that would work. Though, I have to say I don’t really see the scrollbar as a part of the website, but rather view it as a part of the browser. I wouldn’t expect the scrollbar to fit the design of the page. That might be just my own perception, though, and not a popular opinion.

I think your profile look awesome. It’s elegant, structured. But I will like to make some recommendations

  1. Use picture on your profile to boost the quality and it’s more professional.
  2. Your contact section should get some refining, especially the email at the buttom
    Everything else looks great.

Great Design. A very nice feel.
why is the Purple circle in the section “Things I do” is empty ?
I want to ask, How to get this “.me” domain or URL?

For me looks very nice :wink: