Review my random quote machine project

I just finished this project. Reviews needed

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It works and I quite liked the design. However I don’t see tweet button (which is required by user stories). When I hover my mouse over “more” button I would expect the cursor become “hand”, but it becomes thin line like for text selection.

Thanks for feedback!
I fix the cursor, as you say. Twiiter button placed in right bottom part of “machine”.
Thanks again!

WOW, where is the RANDOM ???

I’m sorry, what’s a problem? I just check it, all works correct. If you have troubles, please give me more information.

the quote need to be random not just printed???

Yes, i just try it, quotes are random. It can repeat, but it’s API problem. If you got same quotes, i think, troubles on your side.

they’re not random, sorry.
you have to use the random method to be RANDOM, wtf

I’m not sure about your problem. In this project i use external API Random Famous Quotes. I get random quotes by AJAX without any Math methods. On my PC and Android i got random quotes, so i think problem on your side, or just bugs in API

I see now, but where is your programming I don’t think is the right think, whatever you said.
Finally your just print a data from a database, so why not…

I understand you. But if you check other projects, you’ll see, that at least half use external APIs. I think, its normal in programming to use something, that work as you need, even it created other people. Yes, i can add array with quote objects and function, that will random pick them. But i’m not sure about efficiency. Anyway, thanks for feedback and sorry for my English

Very original design! I feel like I’m studying for a quiz with flashcards, aha.


  • Fixing the mobile layout

  • Adding hover styles to the buttons

  • Increasing the size of the font + rearranging where the quote is. There’s a lot of space that can be utilized in the quote container/flashcard area.

  • Bring the quote machine a bit closer to the title.

  • Add links to your github/codepen profile.

  • Change the background to a more lively/brighter color. Black seems a tad bit too dark.

  • Format the quote with the conventional style, having quote marks around the quote and a dash before the author. Would be nice if you did this for the twitter function as well.

That’s all I can think of! Good job and I hope you take some of my suggestions. :smile_cat:

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Thanks for feedback and recomendations! I think, i wil follow your tips. Maybe, tomorrow i’ll add some design improvement, as you say. Thanks again!

I think going for going for the API connection is more interesting than doing a random pick from an array, I know I had some problems finding one and getting it to work.
Other than coming up with a meaningful list of quotes by yourself maybe, but we are not in a writers class :wink:

I think it is cool, it looks like an actual quote “machine”!

@xavierartot, it is more than just printing from a database. The Math.random() is used in the api itself to get a random quote from their database - there is no need to randomize an api which already gets a random value…

Thanks I realize that but still, I don’t have any control with the database, the quote are not nice too.

I find the design very unappealing. And why do I have to scroll down to see the quotes themselves? The animations work nicely, but when the aesthetics are so off they don’t help. Sorry if I seem harsh, I just believe that honest feedback is ultimately the most helpful.

I partly agree with xavierartot on what he say about the quotes not being nice. I wouldn’t go that far, but do think that some consistency in who the quotes are from would be nice.