RGB color game project

I just recently learn DOM manipulation and tried to create a rgb color game.
This is my project link:


Please someone check it out is it good or not and where I need to improve.:sweat_smile:

It works very smoothly and I like the way you added easy and hard modes. I’m still at begginger’s level in DOM manipulation, so I can’t really comment on the code, but at least there were no bugs when I played it :slight_smile: Great!

Just a tiny note on styling: remember to add overflow: hidden; to the container element with rounded corners. Otherwise the child element’s sharp corners are going to stick out.

And maybe the “Play again?” button could be a bit more visible. It was a good (and “economical”) thinking to just use the reset-button for this since they both do the same, but it took me a little while to notice the change and realize I could take another round.

Anyways, this is a very nice project and there is plenty of room to improve it while learning new things (e.g. adding timers, count scores…)

thank you for your comment. Well in codepen I saw many people create rgb color games. So, I thought create one by myself. It was a good practice for my dom manipulation . Thank you for your nice comment. I will improve it.:smiley: