Rick and Morty quotes generator

Hi guys!
I created a rick and morty random quotes generator using react. This is my first react project. Please give feedback. project link: (https://odgripginger.github.io/random-quote-machine/).



I think the background colors make hard to read sometimes (think about visually impaired people). Apart from that, good work!

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I was thinking about the same. I will make the background more subtle.

Also will be nice to have a container fixed, meaning everything a quote will show up, the same white container will stay in place they will not let your eyes concentrate from the quotes, its a bit annoying for my taste, will that my opinion =)

this is true. transition to next quote seems abrupt. I am trying to add a transition so that the quote box expands or shrinks on clicking (next quote) instead of abruptly changing height. But I don’t know how to do that as of now.

I can help you get something similar, to what you want with transitions, let me work on it… and i be glad to help you, i be doing it with Vanilla JS, hope thats ok with you.

Sure. Source code is available at https://github.com/odgripginger/random-quote-machine

Hi there,
I will get back to you ASAP i wil read your code and, also try to help you get the transition working. Thanks for sharing your project.


Aside from the other things people had already mentioned:

When you first land on the page it always seems to give the same quote. Maybe randomize the first quote when a user first loads the page as well.

Another suggestion is to disable the Twitter button if the quote is longer than the max allowed tweet length so that the quote doesn’t get cut off in the tweet.

Good job!

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Didn’t think about tweet length. Thanks for pointing that out. I will make the suggested changes :slight_smile: