Right Ctrl+Enter Keyboard Shortcut Doesn't Work

I have been doing the freecodecamp curriculum and I really appreciate the Ctrl+Enter shortcut that allows the user to run the tests and progress to the next challenge, but it doesn’t work for the right control key. Is this technically difficult or omitted for a reason?

You mean the default vscode make a new line shortcut?

No, I don’t mean that, this is in relation to a possible improvement that could be made to the freecodecamp curriculum interface.

you mean the editor in the freecodecamo curriculum? Ctrl+Enter is a shortcut used also on the forum, so if you don’t specify…

I imagine you can bring this proposition by opening an issue on github

Right Ctrl+Enter doesn’t work on the forum either

Right Ctrl + Enter works for me, at least in the challenges. It might be keyboard, OS, or browser dependent. Not really sure.