Rock Paper Scissors game with an object-oriented approach

Hey devs,

I have a task for a mid-level job backend developer that I’m applying for, part of the task is to develop a simple 2 player rock-paper-scissor game with NodeJS. now I’m wondering what might be the best way to go through this. should I write vanilla NodeJS code ? would going with ExpressJS be considered an overkill ?

part of the task is, to develop it with “an object-oriented approach”;

what exactly does that mean in case I was to develop it with a simple NodeJS server and a GET and POST request. any ideas about the structure ?

I don’t expect the full solution, just a jump start would be appreciated as I tend to usually take the wrong way in such tasks.

OOP means figuring out what are the classes and building your methods into those classes.
Eg. maybe there’s a player class that holds the name of the player. Maybe a class for the game itself that holds the methods about which object wins.

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