Role Playing Game step 102 curriculum breaking bug

First ive seen an error like this but on both firefox and chrome i get this stupid error that doesnt let me submit my code. I dont get any recommendations or any feedback when clicking the button or inputting control enter, the only way to make anything happen is to click the browser that is supposed to show my code and then this weird error pops up. I want to figure out how to continue on the lesson but cant get around this dumb bug.

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Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 102

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Whenever you have syntax errors the current setup doesn’t know how to process it.
So that is why you are not able to submit your code.

The syntax error in this case is the missing curly braces after the if statement
once you add that, then the error will go away

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It’s best to follow these instructions for posting code instead of posting a screenshot