Roman Numeral converter - any tips?

Hi All,

could someone please provide me with some hints for the following code,

I was hoping the while loop would work, however, it’s not completing the challenge, and I hope some fresh eyes will be able to see something I can’t,

Many Thanks

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function convertToRoman(num)
//Roman Numeral values
{let romanNum = {
 M: 1000,
 CM: 900,
 D: 500,
 CD: 400,
 C: 100,
 XC: 90,
 L: 50,
 XL: 40,
 X: 10,
 IX: 9,
 V: 5,
 IV: 4,
 III: 3,
 II: 2,
 I: 1
// Variable to allow the keys to get moved into.
let converted = '';

// While loop to see if the num value is greater than said key before moving through rest of keys, and adding to converted variable. 
for (let key in romanNum) {
 const number = romanNum[key];
 while (number <= num) 
       {num -= number;
       converted =+ key;
return converted;

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Challenge: Roman Numeral Converter

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hmmm what would =+ do?


When I did this challenge, I set my object up differently. It was numbers to the roman numerals and grouped them by ones, tens, hundreds ie
{ ones: { 1: I
tens: { 2: XX,
3: XXX,
4: XL,
…9: XC,
but that was just me as the roman numerals did not behave in a pattern, Also, you will not have to consider 0s.

Hey, thanks for the tip! saw it, changed it and it worked.