Roman Numeral Converter: Stuck on numbers with a 4 in it

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Hi! So the problem with code currently is its reading 4 (IV or IIII) as 9 values (IX or VIIII). I know where the problem is in the code (look for comment) but I’m not sure how to solve it without creating more issues with 4s and 9s .

The way the algorithm works is if num=43, the largest number that can be subtracted that is equivalent to a roman numeral is 10 ( X) each time a numeral is added to the variable “roman”, that roman numerals equivalent is subtracted from num. This is repeated.
43-10=33… roman: X
33-10=23… roman: XX
23-10=13… roman: XXX
13-10=3… roman:XXXX
Since 4 roman numerals are found in a row, then its converted to XL
3-1=2… roman: XLI
2-1=1… roman: XLII
1-1=0. …roman: XLIII
While loop ends.

This becomes a problem for 44 because at XLIIII the algorithm interprets this as XIX (because of the 9’s regex pattern) instead of XLIV.

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function convertToRoman(num) {
let numArr=[1,5,10,50,100,500,1000];
let romanArr=['I','V','X','L','C','D','M'];
let roman="";

//for loop going backwards through numArrr. 
for (let i=numArr.length-1;i>=0;i--){
  //while num is larger than 1. If 0, then that means num value has been converted to roman variable
  while (num>=numArr[i]){
    num-=numArr[i]; //substracting value of roman numerial from number. goes backwards through numArr array to subtract largest number possible. 

    let regexA=RegExp(romanArr[i]+'{4}'); //locating pattern that signifies a 4 such as IIII
    let regexB=RegExp('\\w'+romanArr[i]+'{4}');
    console.log('after while: ' + roman); //locating pattern that signifies a 9 such as VIIII
    //replacing 9 patterns first since 4 patterns are inherently in 9 patterns. THIS BECOMES A PROBLEM FOR INPUTS LISTED BELOW: 44, 649, etc.
    if (regexB.test(roman)) {
      roman=roman.replace(regexB, romanArr[i]+romanArr[i+2]);
    //replacing 4 patterns 
    else if(regexA.test(roman)){
    roman=roman.replace(regexA, romanArr[i]+romanArr[i+1]);
console.log('final: '+roman);
return roman;


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Take a closer look at something that you have already noticed, but not fully realized yet what it means. For example 44 - and the second to last step - XLIIII. Exactly why pattern like LIIII shouldn’t be replaced for IX. This can be looked at from the other side as well - exactly why pattern like VIIII should be replaced with IX. Or with different number - 90, at the end LXXXX is replaced correctly with XC.
Notice what they have in common, and what incorrectly replaced cases don’t have in common with them.