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I just want to complain about this one. There are a couple of ways to do this one to spec, unfortunately the answer bank is arbitrarily limited for this question. For example, my algorithm always finds (3+(1+2))*4 instead of 3*1*4*2 because of the way I ordered my symbols. Both answers are correct, the spec doesn’t specify it wants the expression in a specific way, yet the free code camp answer bank will fail me because for whatever reason, (3+(1+2))*4 was not chosen as a correct option. Very frustrating after doing it correctly.
After some more testing, I would say that there so many missing answer, that this question is essentially broken.
7 * 8 - 4 * 8 is 24, but that will fail the test
( 3 + ( 1 + 2 ) ) * 4 is 24, but will fail the test.
6 * 8 / ( 9 - 7 ) is 24, but will fail the test
Once again, the problem doesn’t mention the expression needs to fit a specific format. So this question is basically broken.

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function solve24 (numStr) {
let nums = numStr.split("").map((elem)=>{
  return [elem, ""+elem];
let answer = false;
let ops = ['+','-','*','/']

const recursive24 = (nums) => {
  if(nums.length == 1){
    if (nums[0][0] == 24){
      answer = nums[0][1];
  // select first number
  for(let x = 0; x < nums.length; x++){
    //select a operator
    for(let j = 0; j < ops.length; j++){
        //select second number
      for(let k = 0; k < nums.length; k++){
        if (k == x){
        // copy new array, remove nums from it.
        let newArr= nums.slice().filter((val, index)=>{
          if (index ==k || index == x){
            return false
          return true
        let exp = nums[x][1]+ops[j]+nums[k][1];
        if (j<=1 && newArr.length > 0){
        let val = eval(exp)
  return "no solution exists"
return answer;
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Challenge: Rosetta Code - 24 game

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