Rothco painting feedback

Having just completed the survey form certification, I found myself trying to learn more about block, inline-block and inline elements as well as margins, paddings and borders.

When I started the next course (Rothco Painting) I thought, ok, one of the strategies used with the survey form must have been to have the student try to deal with all these margins, borders, padding, etc on their own. They will have studied it because they had to to finish the survey form.

With that background, I figured the idea in the rothco was to now teach the student more about these terms and how they interact with other elements and element content.

Just my feedback and I’m only one student but you missed a great opportunity here. Instead of having the student try to see and understand the effects you basically told the student things like “the padding isn’t right” or similar indicating what was wrong and then told them precisely what to do to correct.

Rothco painting was disappointing. It seemed like all I did was enter code as the challenge directed but I learned nothing. I read in this forum feedback provided by another and the reply was that “repetition” was intentional in the lessons. I get that repetition is important but the repetition should be on something more significant than how many times must you correctly enter the desired margin settings in the style sheet. Instead it should be repetition (in this case and again, my opinion) that tests whether or not the student understands how these things that can effect element size interact with each other.

Again, this is only one person’s feedback and hopefully it’s just that I don’t have the big picture yet. I hope the feedback is helpful as it is not intended to be excessive or just whining.

For those that read, I found these and they were somewhat helpful as I tried to understand the relationships of inline, block, margin, padding etc.


the box model

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