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Comment out your p element so that it is not visible on your page

Comment out your h1 element so that it is not visible on your page

Hello World


Hello Paragraph

i do not know how to do first two points


The challenge you posted was to change the header from “Hello” to “Hello World!”.

The information on the left is super helpful with solid examples.

When you get to the commenting challenge:

  1. how to comment, wrap what you want to comment with <!-- in front of it and --> after it
  2. what to comment or un-comment, read the challenge carefully and perform the right action on the right element (h1, h2, p . . . . )


hi randel this is my very time that i have taken a coding in my life soo i need to understand the basic.
my question is what does it mean when i am asked to say hello to HTML Elements?