Scientific computation on python step 12

hello there, i would really appreciate some help here,
so this is the prompt on step 12 scientific computing beta:
The first kind of cipher you are going to build is called a Caesar cipher. Specifically, you will take each letter in your message, find its position in the alphabet, take the letter located after 3 positions, and replace the original letter with the new letter.

Start by finding the position of the first letter in the string. One way is to use the built-in find() function:


Above, char is the character you want to locate, and a_string is the string you want to parse.

At the end of your code, call find() on your alphabet string and
pass text[0] to the function.

my question: what does the prompt mean “my message” does this mean i have to create a string text which i have to convert to a cypher text or should i use the string - alphabet
also as i move along with the problem i would love to check that i’m getting the steps is that not a thing here? or i have to finish first

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Please post your code and the exact error message so the forum can assist.

here is my code , i believe it satisfies the first prompt however i’m stuck on the second- At the end of your code, call find() on your ‘alphabet’ string and pass text[0] to the function, i’m not sure where to start…
Text= “Hello world”

alphabet= ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’











cypher text= khoor zruog

you should not use literal strings, but access a letter of text using the brackets, so for example text[0] for the letter at index 0 of "Hello World"